How to get rich by getting lucky

How to get rich by getting lucky? Simple. Be born to well-off parents. Society and our economic system will give you more probability to be well-off. Not the answer you were expecting, right? Okay, so here's an image I want you to picture in your mind. I am in the busy streets of Mumbai, crossing … Continue reading How to get rich by getting lucky

OpenAI is the new Apple

I watched the OpenAI codex demo and man, it blew my mind! The fact that you can do 100s of lines of code by actually saying something, or typing, is insane. Do you know what this reminds me of? The release of the iPhone. Sure, there were "smartphones" by Nokia, Motorola, and others. But iPhone … Continue reading OpenAI is the new Apple

Impostor Syndrome

Justin Pot's article on Zapier's blog started this. It is a brilliant read by the way. I want to think I am good at my work. Well, I know I am decent enough to carry the responsibility at work. I am a Drilling Engineer, working at an Oil and Gas firm. The guy who replaces … Continue reading Impostor Syndrome

Spatial Design

An article appeared in 1729 about spatial design. Before reading ahead, realize that I am a total noob. I don't know shit about UI/UX design. I don't know about the implementation of technologies involved. I have a basic understanding of most technologies, and that's it. I came up with this while lying down on my … Continue reading Spatial Design

How I stopped worrying and learned fatherhood

I was not prepared to be a father. It doesn't hit you in the head like a train, as they show in the movies. It's a slow process, one that takes time. For me, it was 2 months. Here's what happened.A primer to Indian culture before I continue. Indian culture stipulates that the future mother … Continue reading How I stopped worrying and learned fatherhood